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Supporting the Environment

Welcome to Samsys Ltd

Samsys Ltd provide a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring equipment, service and repair options for clients whose activities impact upon natural systems or have the potential to pollute the environment.


 We are an established EN ISO 9001:2008 company, specialising in the technical support of environmental monitoring machines and instrumentation used by a range of manufacturing industries, power supply companies, the food and drinks sector, survey groups and of course the wastewater treatment industry. 


As part of this support we provide in-depth repair, service and preventative maintenance on a range of machines and instruments used in the monitoring of industrial waste water, effluent, landfill run off and various sludge monitoring machines.


We also provide the same high level of support for the Ecotech PM10 and PM2.5 Hi Volume air monitors.


As a company we have some of the best technical support engineers with extensive long term experience in this field and can therefore offer assistance to those clients with even the oldest of machines.   



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